NACDL/FAMM State Clemency Project

Colorado Program

The NACDL/FAMM State Clemency Project (SCP) is a volunteer initiative to support incarcerated individuals seeking sentence commutation. The SCP has been invited by Colorado Governor Jared Polis to participate in a pilot program to assist individuals in the custody of the Colorado Department of Corrections to prepare applications for sentence commutation to the Governor’s Executive Clemency Advisory Board. Working in partnership with the Department of Corrections, which has established internal eligibility criteria, the SCP is seeking volunteer attorneys to take on cases. You do not need to be a criminal practitioner, nor do you need have prior experience in handling clemency petitions, as the project will provide training and resources to get started.

The project needs attorneys experienced in criminal and clemency matters to serve as advisory attorneys as well as social workers, medical professionals, and others to assist volunteers in the work.


Steps to get started.

  1. Setup your account and login. (If you have an account for the NACDL website, you can use that.)
  2. After you login, enter your email address to be notified when the training materials are ready.



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